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natures_world Protect Middlesbrough!
Middlesbrough’s great buildings and green spaces need protecting. That message came across loud and clear when I met and talked with a group of people in Linthorpe a couple of weeks ago. Of the 29 people there almost everyone cared passionately about protecting green spaces and was keen to discuss the fairly recent closure of[…] Read More
airport Teesside Airport vs The Boro
Teesside Airport continues to surprise us – for all the wrong reasons!  I was staggered to see the airport’s owners, Peel Holdings, have objected to the Boro doing some good and making the Riverside Stadium greener by erecting wind turbines. Mind you, Peel do have previous form when it comes to objecting when others plan[…] Read More
bench Is Political Correctness Holding Middlesbrough Back?
We’re all human beings – and the more fortunate of us have a duty to help the less fortunate. So I’m very proud of what Britain does for refugees: offering safety to families and individuals who’re trying to escape vicious regimes and wicked cultures. And I’m very pleased that Middlesbrough itself plays a leading role[…] Read More

Photograph of Andy Preston
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"Every politician should swear to put Middlesbrough before their political party, their career and their publicly funded wages "
- Andy Preston charity leader and businessman, who has pledged to stand for Mayor
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Published and printed by Dave Allan on behalf of Andy Preston, both of Boho 4 Gibson House, Cleveland Street, Middlesbrough