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airport Save Teesside Airport
If Teesside Airport closes – which feels likely to me – then Teesside loses an asset. Having an airport nearby is good news because it boosts businesses and therefore jobs. Having initially been sceptical about the airport’s viability, I was prompted by some supporters to look into how the airport is being run. I’ve only[…] Read More
blog_post_3 Do they deserve more power?
Vote for us! We’ve been running Middlesbrough for years… That’s an option for voters in next year’s mayoral election. But think hard about this – when I left St George’s RC School in Acklam in 1982, Middlesbrough had: 1. Shocking unemployment 2. Awful deprivation 3. Chronic social problems 4. Crime was too high 32 years later…Middlesbrough[…] Read More
blog_post_2 New boss of mima has massive opportunity
Middlesbrough’s expensive and potentially brilliant art gallery, mima, has a new boss: Alistair Hudson. Alistair has been given a golden opportunity to do great things for Middlesbrough and create a big name for himself. I’ve been a constructive critic of mima – not because of things they show, but because of things they won’t show.[…] Read More

Photograph of Andy Preston
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"Every politician should swear to put Middlesbrough before their political party, their career and their publicly funded wages "
- Andy Preston charity leader and businessman, who has pledged to stand for Mayor
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Published and printed by Dave Allan on behalf of Andy Preston, both of Boho 4 Gibson House, Cleveland Street, Middlesbrough