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December 02, 2014

Middlesbrough’s great buildings and green spaces need protecting.

That message came across loud and clear when I met and talked with a group of people in Linthorpe a couple of weeks ago.

Of the 29 people there almost everyone cared passionately about protecting green spaces and was keen to discuss the fairly recent closure of Natures World.

We need to preserve our town’s heritage – we also need to make sure that Middlesbrough can attract investment for jobs and prosperity.

Sometimes the two pulls of heritage and prosperity can seem to be against each other. But they don’t have to be!

After the meeting I sat down with Scarlet Pink who’s a vocal and passionate campaigner for protecting green spaces and is fiercely proud of her town.

We talked about Acklam Hall, Natures World and some of Middlesbrough’s great buildings.

We agreed 100% that a prosperous future for the town must include protection of green spaces and historic buildings. We also both share a desire to see Nature’s World reopen.

I’m currently looking at financial plans to see if reopening Nature’s World could be feasible in these times of cuts. It may be…

There’s a great page for Nature’s World called: Save Our Natures World Middlesbrough I don’t agree with everything that’s posted on that site but I do share the passion and drive to see a facility like that reopen!

Andy Preston

Photograph of Andy Preston
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"I believe in Middlesbrough. Together we can make amazing things happen."
- Andy Preston charity leader, businessman, Middlesbrough mayoral candidate
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